Oracle Buys Endeca : Surprising but not unexpected

Surprising from Endeca point of view. Because they have strategic relationship with Hybris and they do joint offerings ( Hybris eCommerce suite with Endeca Infront ). IN addition, in North Americas, Hybris is sold and services through Endeca.

Secondly, Endeca had developed close partnership  with SAP as well. SAP had done some investment in Endeca way back in 2008 .

It will be interesting to see how Endeca-Hybris  relationship unfolds in view of ATG being Oracles prime candidate for Ecommerce.

The deal is not unexpected from Oracle point of view. Oracle having achieved a near monopoly in structured data management it was logical next step to go for unstructured data management area. And Endeca was one of the best companies out there in this area. An additional advantage of the deal is ,  ATG’s weak search capabilities can be bolstered by using Endeca Mdex engine. So with one acquisition Oracle have hit two targets.

Author : Sanjeev Desai