My view on Steve Jobs

A great technocrat, visionary and game changer is gone. Certainly one of the most wonderful episodes in technological innovation has come to close.Over last couple of days, I have read great tributes to him and why not.

At the same time I also started thinking about how much difference he really made to  humanity through the use of technology.

Why was iOS a closed shop ? Why wasn’t iOS made available to other phone manufacturers ? Agreed, ‘business of business is business.’ He was a business man first and had to  make everything to see to it that his profits soared. But when his business did go far ahead of competition, I would have expected some cut down version of iOS ( if not the complete one) to be made available to other mobile phone manufacturers. It would have made iOS phone  affordable to many who could not afford the  iPhone. It wouldn’t have been very bad to business either.

Affordability discussion leads us to the point of how affordable are Applegets (Apple gadgets)

As of Dec 2010, of the total 234 million Americans who use smartphones, only around 16 million (i.e. approximately 7%)  use iPhone.

Given the craze of iPhone only 7% Americans mobile users buying iPhone means only 7% of them can afford it ( give or take one  or two % for those who can afford iPhone but still ended up buying some other phone) .

So, the unit that can only be afforded by only 7% citizens of the world’s richest country  by **, I must say it is a device for elites and elites only and not for ordinary human beings.

The story is no different for other Apple devices.

In comparison, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google seem to have touched more human lives and created positive impact than Jobs. I do salute Jobs for what he was and what he achieved , but I would rate second after Google in terms of creating positive impact on human lives through technology.

** US is the richest country in the world in terms of GDP and 7th richest by per capita income (

Author : Sanjeev Desai


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